“SUB SE ACHA SUB SE SASTA” Campaign Start By PhoneProps


Lahore, 12th October 2018 – Phone Props, one of the leading online mobile phone accessories brands in Pakistan, has come with another wonderful opportunity of buying the most valuable smartphone accessories at some wonderful discounted rates with the name of “Sub SE ACHA SUB SE SUSTA” offer. This offer is available online on numerous products such as handsfree, AUX cable, back cover, USB flexible LED lamp, glass screen protector, hi-speed extension, standard charger and many other products that relate to your smartphone.

The buyers of mobile phone accessories need to move a lot to find the best suitable product for their smartphones and even then, sometimes, they get success in finding the right product, but mostly, come back unsuccessful.

Phone Props has resolved their issue in such a way that they can see the product online, finalize it there, place an order and get it at their home. This opportunity has revolutionized the industry and now people have no need to walk here and there in the market and after that, find low-quality or very expensive products. By visiting PhoneProps, you will find all smartphone accessories online in a single place and get it at your doorstep.

SUB SE ACHA SUB SE SUSTA” offer has been designed to develop awareness among the Passes about the online shopping of mobile phone accessories. You can buy the products at some wonderful discounts up to 60%, which have never been offered against smartphone accessories. The offer will start tonight at 12:00 AM on 13th October and will continue till 11:59 PM, 14th October 2018. To browse all sass deals click here.

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