Discussing Key Features Of Different Power Banks


When you have a smart hand-held device with you, be it a smartphone, a tablet, or a smartwatch – you need to keep it charged to enjoy its functionality anywhere anytime, otherwise, you can lose touch with your near and dear ones. The need of mobile charger becomes compulsion on a long route, but what if we do not have any place to plug in our charger? There come power banks that become handy in this situation and keep our device charged all the time. 

What does a power bank do for you? Well, it is a portable charger and you can say it has a big battery that can share its charging with your smartphone and tablet, etc. You can take this charger anywhere and keep in touch with everyone through the internet, telephone calls and social media. Basically, it keeps your smart device alive in a time of need. These are exceptionally useful when you are in flight, traveling via train for hours or in remote areas where the provision of electricity is a big issue. 

When you are on a long journey, the usage of mobile phone increases because we use it for multi-tasking. Normally, we use it for streaming HD videos and exploring social media pages to find something new. With these activities, the battery life disappears faster than our expectations. To manage it and enjoy more, a power bank is a perfect option for all. 

According to our need and demand, the power bank manufacturers provide different sizes to make sure that our smartphones, tablets, GoPro and smartwatches. The power bank is also useful for all those devices as well, which can be charged through USB.  

So, it is the time to explore the efficiency level of different sized Power Banks. Let’s explore some of them! 

A Power Bank With 2,600 mAH

It can charge your smartphone up to 100% once, smartwatch up to eight full charges.  

A Power Bank With 5,200 mAH

This power bank charges smartphone two times, smartwatch 15.9 times and large tablets 0.75 times. 

A Power Bank With 9,000 mAh  

It can provide 3.6 charges to a smartphone, 27.5 to a smartwatch and 1.2 charges to the large tablet. 

A Power Bank With 18,200 mAh 

You can use a smartphone after using full charging 7.5 times, smartwatch up to 56.6 times and large tablets up to 2.6 times with this power bank. 

So, when your phone’s charging ends, you need to feed it more. With a power bank, you can do it, so buy it according to your requirement. 


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