Mobile Cables – Saving Your phone From Memory Loss

mobile data cable

As we have the most advanced smartphones with the latest digital camera features, we need more space to keep all the videos and pictures saved. The most wonderful feeling with these digital and smartphone cameras is to capture all the photos, make them memories and keep in a secure place, but it does not happen all the time. The reason behind is that we do not save our memories smartly and with the change of smartphone, we normally lose everything in it. 

We have numerous photos in our galleries, which tell you nothing about its origin, but we keep them on our phones. There are only a few photos, which must be saved, shared with friends and family members and kept there where it would be available all the time. To save these memories, we need Android cables and iPhone cables, which help you, send your memories there where it will have remained with you all the time. 

To show your grandchildren your memories, you need to edit and sort the album, but it can be daunting because this is not an easy task. To resolve it, we will suggest some solutions in the following post. 

Sort Mobile Data Through The Best 

You need to keep sorting out the photos and remove all the useless ones. During the functions and other events, you take many pictures, but only a few ones are useful. Keep the best ones with you and transfer them to the drives or external hard drives through Android cable or iPhone cable according to your requirement. It will keep your smartphone light and full of space. It will also help you take an overall impression from the pictures to remember it. 

Do Not Consider Photoshop All The Time

As generally, we are not professional photographers, so it is not necessary to find perfection in every picture; rather we should keep these pictures with all the imperfections because these are a part of our memories. Use Photoshop only when there is something or someone special in the picture. 

Create Albums for Special Event Respectively 

For Facebook users, you can share only a limited number of pictures because you keep most of them private. The best practice in this regard is to transfer data to external drives, laptops or any other devices. You need to make the separate folder for each event in which relevant pictures will be placed. There are numerous types of iPhone and Android accessories, which also can help you in this regard. 

Save to External Medium via Mobile Cables

Choose the best images from your collection and get them printed. You can change the sizes of these images according to your requirement. You can keep them protected for decades and show your grandchildren when you want to share your memories with them. 

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