FLAT 60% Discount In The Name Of Heroes Of Pakistan In 1965


Lahore, 07th September 2018 – Phone Props celebrating Pakistan’s Day in style. Offering an amazing 60% discount on numerous items to participate in the celebrations of Pakistan’s most enthusiastic day. In the memory of our brave soldiers and solid defense system, PhoneProps salutes to our Pakistan armed forces.

It was 6th September 1965 when enemy beyond borders, crossed international borders without any prior warning from Lahore, Pakistan Army gave great sacrifices for protecting geographic borders. After 17 days of the war, the United Nations intervened and both the forces went back to their barracks.

PhoneProps.pk is Pakistan’s leading online shop for smartphone accessories and has now established itself in such a way that people believe in their products. benefiting from the Defense Day offer, you can find the most valuable and reliable mobile accessories on FLAT 60% discounted rates which are incomparable in the country.

The list of the products on which this discount is available has been given below:

  • Micro cable (Android)
  • H4 C-Type cable for Charging/ Data Transmission (Standard)
  • Intelligent Car Charger
  • S7 Universal Handsfree
  • 2 In 1 Scented Cable for Charging/ Data Transmission
  • Glass Protector Flat
  • Glass Protector 4D/ 5D Edge to Edge
  • Glass Protector Curved
  • Liquid Glass Wipe-On Screen Protector (SP1) – For Mobile/ Tabs (By Shark Proof)
  • Liquid Glass Wipe-On Screen Protector (SP3) – For Watches (By Shark Proof)
  • Liquid Glass Wipe-On Screen Protector (SP4) – For Glasses (By Shark Proof)
  • Liquid Glass Wipe-On Screen Protector (SP2) – For Laptops (By Shark Proof)

This offer is valid only on Phoneprops.pk and will continue till the night of 09th September 2018, so please visit us immediately and enjoy wonderful discounts on the Defense Day.

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