Wave Fit Band And BP Band – An Emerging Smart Technology Trend In Pakistan


Majority of the Pakistanis do not know much about Riversong as a brand when it comes to smartphone accessories and fitness trackers but what this brand has to offer is extremely amazing. This is one of the most renowned brands in the world and has been introduced in Pakistan recently through PhoneProps.

Riversong is creating an everlasting impression in the minds of Pakistani users by bringing in excellent smart fitness trackers for them in order to regulate their bodies and take their fitness tracking to autopilot mode. These fitness tracking bands have inbuilt blood pressure monitors to help you keep an eye on the circulation of your blood according to your body requirement. These Riversong wave fit and BP bands use the most advanced technological tools in the recent years named LED and light sensors. Through this technique, the arteries absorb light to determine the actual value of blood circulation in the body.

On the comparative basis, let me assure you that we get almost similar results on monitoring our blood pressure by a conventional upper arm blood pressure monitor and the wrist-worn trackers.

To understand the structure and functionalities of both the bands, we will discuss both separately.

Riversong Wave Fit band

The Wave Fit Band – an amazing fitness instructor, monitors all the activities performed during the day and update your daily routine accordingly. The following features will be available to you with this band:

  • Heart Monitoring
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Sedentary setting
  • Sweat proofing
  • Generating smart notifications
  • Providing landscape mode

Product Features:

  • 91 inch OLED display
  • Dust and waterproof
  • Clip connector for charging (USB)
  • Data in the band lasts for 24 hours (after these 24)
  • Vibration alert
  • Call/Text/social media symbols on the screen
  • 90mAh (4 days)

Riversong BP Band

BP Band – An ultimate guide for blood pressure conscious people, is an advanced blood pressure monitor that keeps you updated all the time about your heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring and heart rate settings. It also keeps you updated about your overall health and has become one of the first choices available in the market related to body fitness.

Following features are available with this Riversong BP Band:

  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Easy USB charging
  • Waterproofing
  • Selfie modes
  • Sleep monitor
  • Sedentary settings
  • Smart notifications
  • Landscape mode

Key Product Features:

  • 70mAh battery (2 to 3 days single charge)
  • 87-inch touchscreen with lift wrist bright screen
  • 95% accurate
  • 70mAh battery (2 to 3 days single charge)
  • Sleep tracking
  • SNS call reminder
  • Smartwatch
  • Sport bracelet
  • Pedometer
  • Calories counter
  • 87-inch touchscreen with lift wrist bright screen
  • Built-in USB port
  • Display vertical and horizontal

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